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Press 2023

Avvocatidiimpresa with Agreen Capital for the acquisition of Probios S.p.A. 

Legal Community – Finance Community – Bebeez – La Bussola News – Dealflower – Food affairs – Global Legal Chronicle – Terra Nuova

Avvocatidiimpresa with Iveco for the acquisition of Horiba Mira 

Global Legal Chronicle

Avvocatidiimpresa for the acquisition of Gemini RX

Global Legal Chronicle – Finance community – K Finance – Dealflower – Brescia today

Press 2022

Avvocatidiimpresa with the Anastasi Group in the acquisition by Irca

Il Sole 24 Ore – Dealflower – Finance community press Anastasi – Horeca news – Legal community – Global Legal Chronicle

AVVOCATIDIIMPRESA, Alberto Calvi di Coenzo and Rosanna Frischetto among the “Super Lawyers and the Super Corporate Law Firms 2022”

Press 2021

Avvocatidiimpresa with Advantage in the purchase by Lutech Group

Global Legal Chronicle – Legal Community – Milano Finanza, BeBeez – Il Corriere della Sicurezza – Data Manager OnLine – 01Net

Avvocatidiimpresa with Marangoni for the acquisition of Asmara

Global Legal Chronicle

Avvocatidiimpresa with the Club Deal of OMH4 in the leveraged by out transaction regarding the Acquisition of the majority shareholdings of Kintek Group

Global Legal Chronicle – Il NordEst Quotidiano – Milano Finanza, BeBeez

Avvocatidiimpresa with Marangoni for the purchase of the South African company Leader Rubber

Global Legal Chronicle

Avvocatidiimpresa with Lunelli Group in the purchase of 100% of Cedral Tassoni (Cedrata Tassoni)

Legal Community – Il Sole 24Ore – La Repubblica

Avvocatidiimpresa with CDM Group in the sale of Lutech Group to Apax

Top Legal

Avvocatidiimpresa with Ferrari Trento for the official toasts of F1

Il Nordest Quotidiano – Global Legal Chronicle

Press 2020

Avvocatidiimpresa assists Capoferri in the exit from the restructuring procedure

Legal Community – Global Legal Chronicle – Finance Community

Avvocatidiimpresa with OpenJobMetis S.p.A. in the purchase of the entire corporate capital of Lyve

Global Legal Chronicle – Investire Oggi – TGCom 24 – Mediaset – Varese Press – MarketScreener – Trend – Milano Finanza

Avvocatidiimpresa with Crest Leather Group in the acquisition of IC Industria Conciaria

Diritto 24, Il Sole 24 Ore – Global Legal Chronicle – Milano Finanza, BeBeez – Il Nordest Quotidiano – Legal Community

Avvocatidiimpresa with Oleodinamica Marchesini (AUCTUS FUNDS) in the acquisition of Naldoni

Milano Finanza, BeBeez – Global Legal Chronicle – AIFI – Giornale di Brescia

Avvocatidiimpresa with OpenJobMetis S.p.A. for the purchase of Jobdisabili

Legal Commmunity – Global Legal Chronicle – Varese News – Il Nordest Quotidiano

Avvocatidiimpresa with Avvera (Credem Group) in the acquisition of Gruppo Santamaria

Diritto 24, Il Sole 24 Ore – Legal Commmunity

Avvocatidiimpresa assists Marangoni in the transaction with trentino Sviluppo for the implementation of the New Technological Pole

Global Legal Chronicle – Il Nordest Quotidiano

Press 2019

Avvocatidiimpresa with Matilda Holding for the purchase of Autorotor

Il Sole 24 Ore – Legal Community

Avvocatidiimpresa and GOP for Marangoni Meccanica

Il Nordest Quotidiano – Legal Community – Top Legal

Press 2018

Avvocatidiimpresa with IFIN Holding for the purchase of the 60% of 24Investment

Il – Il portale dell’economia – Milano Finanza BeBeez – SimplyBiz –

Avvocatidiimpresa CDM Group in the sale to Lutech of the 100% of CDM Tecnoconsulting S.p.A.

Milano Finanza BeBeez – Comunicato Stampa / Milano Finanza – Legal Community – Top Legal – AIFI

Avvocatidiimpresa with Openjobmetis in the purchase of the 70% of HC – Il portale dell’economia – FTA Online – Trend Online –

Avvocatidiimpresa with RealStep SICAF in the acquisition financing related to “Ripamonti Area”

Legal Community –

Avvocatidiimpresa with Openjobmetis for the acquisition of Coverclip

Legal Community – – VaresePress – Global Legal Chronicle Italia – Data Manger Online – Mind the Bridge

Press 2017

Avvocatidiimpresa with the shareholders of the UK company DS Data Systems for the sale of their shareholdings to Zucchetti Group

Finance Community – Legal Community – Milano Finanza, BeBeez – –

Press 2016

Avvocatidiimpresa with Marangoni Group in the sale of Tyre Retail to Fintyre

Legal Community

Avvocatidiimpresa with Olmar & Mirta for the purchase of the 100% of Crisfer

Legal Community

Gradiente SGR buys 40% of Dierre

Milano Finanza – BeBeez – Il Sole 24 Ore – Top Legal – Legal Community

Press 2015

BonelliErede, Avvocatidiimpresa and Perani for an investment transaction in the fashion field

Legal Community

Avvocatidiimpresa with the lenders for the restructuring of Bonettini

Legal Community

Avvocatidiimpresa and Giovanardi to restructure Sapes indebtedness

Legal Community

Press 2014

International partnership between Lediberg
and Roya

Legal Community

Avvocatidiimpresa with Crest Leather for the acquisition of Concerie di Vestena

Legal Community

Avvocatidiimpresa with Lunelli for the acquisition of the 50% of Bisol

L’Arena – Bisol – Italian Wine Journal – Legal Community – TopLegal – WineTaste

Restructuring of Lediberg

Legal Community – Top Legal

Avvocatidiimpresa and Musumeci
for Sanlorenzo-Sundrio

Legal Community

Press 2013

Lediberg, Lebanon invests in Bergamo

Eco di Bergamo

Diesel Buys Marni


Press 2011

Avvocatidiimpresa for the Tri-generation plant


Avvocatidiimpresa with Credem for
Sanlorenzo capital increase


Avvocatidiimpresa for the restructuring of Vetriceramici

Top Legal – Finanza&mercati

Press 2010

Avvocatidiimpresa and KFinance for Safil

Mergermarket – Top Legal

Fees? Are discretional

Top Legal

Avvocatidiimpresa with Gas Plus for the acquisition of Padana Energia

ADVFN – Borsa Italiana – Investi Sicuro – Traderlink – Virgilio – Yahoo

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